50-110 Lens Shade. Difference?


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I have question. Is here anybody who used 50-110 lens without lens shade and after some time bought one and saw spectacular changes?
Is big difference of photo quality with or without this shade? (with studio flashes)




I guess what you are asking is if it is worth using a lens shade or not.

I will say yes, 100%, all the time.

If you see or not a difference will depend on the particular situation where you will be using it, sometimes yes, sometimes no (depends on how you position the lights, etc)

but it is good practice (at least to me) to allways use a lens shade no matter what..


It does depend on what you are photographing, of course. I don't use it for night shots or shooting with the sun behind me in late afternoon/early morning. For most other purposes I have it on.


50-110 lens shade

In my experience, it is hard to recognize a true differnce between photos taken with or without lens shade in "everyday" practice. I don't work with studio lights, maybe in this case the difference exists. Consider that a shade, to be really efficient, should be "dedicated" to every focal lenght, and vary his depth according to focus distance. Only the Hasselblad "compendium" shade has these requisites, but it is heavy and encumbering.
Anyway, a lens shade being cheap today, I recommend its use. There is a gold rule:
- the presence of a shade can NEVER damage a picture;
- the absence of it can SOMETIMES damage a picture (and the front lens).