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500ELM help

Hello all,
I have borrowed a Hasselblad ELM from our department with a normal lense. with the help of instruction manual I have figured out how to load the film, set the exposure etc. I have now a film loaded in my camera and it is ready to go. I made some test exposures. The two small holes (on the body and magazine) show me white color, which means it is ready for exposure (after about 10 rotations of the crank). But the frame indicator shows no number(is black). I made few more exposures today but there is no change in the indicator window. The film magazine indicator (no.20 on page 29 of the manual Hassie500CM) is partially white and the film advance crank is kind of jammed. But a colleague of mine says that since ELM has a battery operated motor drive it is bloked. Film consuption is partially red. Please help. Iam not sure what the problem can be. Have experienced something similar?!


New Member
Hello Prashanteju,
First of all, after you loaded the film in your magazine did the number "1" show up on the film counter? If not, there may be a problem with the magazine.
Does the camera cycle normally with the magazine removed? (By the way, the "small hole" as you call it will always remain white on the body. It's simply painted white from the inside as Hasselblad assumed the body will always be in an "advanced / cocked" state so ignore it). The one to watch is the port on the magazine as it will change from "film not-advanced / exposed" (red) to "advanced / not-exposed" (white).
The red & silver scale on the left of the magazine simply tells you about approximate film consumption and whether the magazine is loaded or not. These tend to vary slightly in their accuracy from one magazine to the next, so again don't watch it too critically.
I'll stop there for now and see how you progress.
Good luck and don't force anything !!