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501CM and speedlight


New Member
I have read the article here, but I did no understand completely.
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I tried first time to use flash with my 501 CM and 4/150mm Sonnar T* lens.
I realized if I set up the flash (Nikon SB-800) to manual mode and set the shutter speed for 1sec. than I got the flash let say "longer" flashed.
My second test was with the speed 1/60 (the same aperture) and I got clearly shorter flash.

I thought, that I get from lens every time the same flash result when the 501CM has not the TTL metering.

I am really at the start so sorry for that stupid question, but I would like to try to use it properly.


New Member
thanks vandevantersh

AFAIK the model has TTL metering.
My question is about using flash with HB models they have not TTL metering.


New Member
Yes I see vandevantersch.
I tried it now but the behavior was strange.
I set up the SB 800 to the manual mode and for cable connection.

I made the connection with my exposure meter and got the flash over the cable.
It was OK.
Than I connected the lens //Sonnar 150/f4 T*// with SB 800 and tried to trigger flash.
I got the flash one time over the cable and than no flash.
AFAIK I did not changet setting of SB 800.
So I think there is someth. wrong.

I use HAMA cable - my friend lent me it.
Triggering of flash with the exposure meter is without problems, but connected to the lens works not properly.
What shoud I do?


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New Member
Odd behavior. I just tried the SB 800 with an 80mm and 180mm using both M and A modes. It worked without problems. Check the cable, the central pin should be even with the top of the outer ring at each end. I had to modify a cable to work properly. The only other thought is to try another lens.