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80mm CF versus 80CF


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I just bought a second hand like new 501cm kit with 80CB lens.
This one will stay with me until my death....

I already have a 500cm Classic late model with a 80CF lens.
I am going to sell the 500cm, but am wondering which lens i would sell, the 80CB or the CF. Is the quality difference between these two large?


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The CF is a better lens than the CB lens.
Of course this does not mean the CB is a bad lens; there is good and there is better.

On the other hand the ergonomics of CB lenses are considered better by many users. These are the same as for the CFE/CFi lenses


There is one main difference . (except price)
The CZ PLANAR CB 2,8/80mm has 6 lenses .
The CZ PLANAR CF 2,8/80mm has 7 lenses .
The CZ CB lenses were actually made for the 501C camera as an inexpensive entry model into the V-SYSTEM . They were only on the market for a short time .
The DISTAGON CB 3,5/60 is the same as the CF 3,5/60 , but has a different lens barrel .
The PLANAR CB 2,8/80 (see above) , a CB TESSAR 4,5(?)/160 and as far as I know also a CB MACRO 120 , which was available on the american market only .

...and then there is another lens to add to the list, the 80mm f2.8 "new" C Planar which was fitted to some of the 501C and 501CM cameras. It is optically identical to the CF but lacks the F function.


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The 160 mm Tessar lens from the CB series was an F4,6.

The 120 CB was virtually the same optically as the 120 CF.
Only differences: the frontlens and the missing "F" mode.
The lens barrel is similar to the CFi.

The 120 CB was sold in small numbers and only for the Asian market.

The price diiference between the CFE/CFi models and the BC lenses was only small.
Not many CB lenses were sold most of them were part of a kit.


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The CB80 were (also?) sold as kits with the 501C/M. I have a 501C/M with the original packaging which lists the CB80 as part of the kit. Along with an A12 of course.

I think the new-style C Planar was introduced for the 501C, not for the 501C/M.



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Wilko is quite busy solving software problems with his sniper.

A 501C was only available as a black camera.
It was in fact a 500CM but upgraded with Palpas and supplied as a kit with the new "C" lens.
This lens looks like a CF. It has the same optical design but lacks the F mode.
Like the 500CM the 501C has the older small mirror.

A 501CM is a later camera that has the large GMS mirror.
This camera was available in chrome as well as in black finish.
It is in fact a 503CW without the OTF (TTL) flash option.

The 501C/M is an incorrect way to write 501CM.

For your information there never was a 1600FM although later improved cameras certainly deserved a different name.

I think the new-style C Planar was introduced for the 501C, not for the 501C/M

It was introduced on the 501C and was also fitted to some of the 501CM kits. When I bought my first 501CM I had the choice of both versions and chose the "new" C rather than the CB.


After extensive shooting with CF, CB and CFi 80mm's I can't tell a difference in any of them.................................


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Hi Terry,

Glad to read a practical experience with these lenses.

The CF and Cfi have the same optical design.
CFi lenses have improved anti reflection coating.
The CB is a different lens but not so much different that it stands out.

All these lense are excellent performers. Some are just more excellent than others............