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A24 back manual online


New Member
I just got a 24 exp back for my 500 c/m off of ebay and noticed that it doesn't click stop at the first frame like my a12 back does. Is it supposed to click at frame 1 or does it work different due to the 120/220 film differences?!? Anyone know of a pdf manual online that I can download?


New Member

If your 24 film back has a black, plastic flip-out winding crank (just like your A-12), then it is an A-24, and the winding crank should stop at the first frame (just like your A-12). If it doesn't, it needs to be repaired.

If your 24 film back has a silver, metal winding key, and the round ASA dial on the back of the film back DOESN'T open, then your film back is a magazine 24. This operates just like your A-12, and the winding key should stop when you reach the first frame.

If your 24 film back has a silver, metal winding key, and the round ASA dial on the back of the film back DOES open, then you have the original style magazine 24. In this case, the film winding key will NOT stop at the first frame. If this is the type of film back that you have, I would be happy to e-mail the instructions for loading the film to you. Please contact me at:

David Odess

Factory trained Hasselblad technician

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New Member
no, it IS an A24. I never had any doubt about that. I have an A12 and an old 12 back and already knew how to distinguish between the two. Thanks for going over that info though. I know you should always ask the obvious, because it's usually something simple that has been overlooked.

It has the black crank and looks JUST like my A12, except it says 24 on the side. It won't stop at 1. I assume I will still be able to use the back and i'll jsut stop at frame 1 all on my own. Maybe get it fixed later down the road... I'm gonna send a test roll through it and see what happens...