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A24 for 120 film?, A12, A24 explanation


New Member
I am still a newbie and no have experience, so please sorry for this question.
I would like to buy a back for my firt HB 501CM body and I have a question if I can use A24 back for 120 roll film also.
Please can you explain me the difference btw. A12 and A24 film.
Is the 120 roll film suitable for A24 back?
Thank you.


Active Member
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Well, using 120 film you get 12 6x6 exposures using an A12 back.
Using 220 film you get 24 6x6 exposures using an A24 back.
Hasselblad backs are dedicated to a single film type.

You are probably better off with an A12, as the 120 films are typically more widely available than 220. At least in my neck of the woods they are.



BTW, if you put a 120 film in a 220 back, the gap between 2 pictures may be irregular, and it may happen that 2 pictures at the end of the film toutch them self.


New Member
It's easier to get 120 processed in most labs too as it's shorter. The 220 has to be looped up a bit (due to it's lenght) in most film drying cabinets which can ruin one negative in extreme case