Adapting round Bellows to fit EL-body?

Olof B

I have somewhere seen an instruction how to adapt the round bellows (40223) to be able to be mounted on EL-bodies.
Does anybody know if it available "on the net" or if somebody have it as a pdf I would be grateful for a link or an attachment.

Best regards

Olof B

Well I found one instruction. Not really the one that I recall.
I had it in the Hasselblad Manual of Ernest Wildi, third edition on page 272.

The one I had seen was more "techinical"



When I bought my Hasselblad Bellows, it was modified to use with the 500EL/M. So the camera was oriented at 90 degrees, and would fit on the Bellows.

I removed the eight screws, re-oriented the rear mount, and it only took about fifteen minutes. So now it works as originally intended, with my 500C/M's.

I would not hesitate to re-align it, if I wanted to use it again with my two 500EL/M bodies. It is really that easy to do.