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Archiving - scanning your photos, resolution, ideas, etc.


New Member
I have q. about resolution and scanning of your photos for archiving.
I have the new scanner Epson V500 - I scanned my first roll fillm shooted with HB and I would like to know if it makes sense to archive all pictures in highest resolution: 4800 dpi and 48-bit color.

Thank you for your tips and suggestions - ideas for archiving of MF negatives and scanned photos.


New Member
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That's an awful lot of hi-res to be archiving at. I scan at around 300-800 dpi at the most. There should be no need to do it at 4800. Scan low to med-hi res, create a low res library. If you want to go back to that image, dig it out then do your super hi-res scan. This should save hard drive space.