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Basic lensMFHassie terms


New Member
I've done research on and off on the Hasselblad systems for about 5 months now. I understand some very basic things, what the difference is between a C and CF lens is and the difference between the 500C and the 500C/W, but is there any website that can explain to me what all the makro planar sonnar type-s doohikies are? I'm sorry if this is a very green thread, I just can't seem to find anywhere that'll break down the basic terms so I can understand the language.


New Member

This site has a lot of information. The Zeiss and Hasselblad site’s have downloadable information including lens names and definitions.

I would also suggest that you obtain The Hasselblad Manual by Ernst Wildi.




New Member
Lennon, Gilbert is 110% right - you will have many questions like that and The Hasselblad Manual will answer all of them and will be a perfect "user manual" for whatever gear you have. It was the best advice that I was given when I started out with Hasselblad.


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Answered my own question.

Link is to a guide that explains all the lens notations and what-not. My issue was most of the lenses and bodies I'm looking at are no longer in production, and I'd like to know what I'm losing by going with these older lenses.

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