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buying my first medium format camera


New Member
I would like to buy a medium format camera. I have been using DSLR's. I am a very interested hobbyist, could you give suggestions as to where I should begin? thank you joanlvh


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Hello Joan,

Maybe look at some pictures and the comment from the maker to get some idea what MF is about.
It is not just about larger negatives and prints.
35 mm cameras and DSLRs based on those bodies differ in many aspects from quality MF cameras.

Hasselblad V series uses almost exclusively lenses made by Carl Zeiss in Germany.
Carl Zeiss lenses are legendary and even lenses older than many of us want to remember are still being used daily with excellent results.

Here is the link to a camera love story from Australia.
Simon, thanks for an excellent job.

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Enjoy the pictures!



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A lot depends on budget, whether you want it to have a meter, and what format you prefer (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9...).

If you don't want to spend too much and want a good quality meterless camera to experiment with, a Yashicamat 12 is a good choice for a first 6x6 camera.



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As another hobbyist who started with 35mm film in the 50's and has moved on with the trends; forget starting out with MF-film. I bought my 503CWD ~ eight years ago and the "learning curve" was painful using film. The delayed "feed-back", 12 exposure rolls, need to keep detailed notes, etc. was a real problem for me who had little time for a hobby. I traded in my Nikon film and bought a DLSR..the 503 went into the closet along with 5 Zeiss lenses, PME-45 and a winder. When the CFV came out, I bought one and it made all of the difference...the ability to shoot lots of frames and have fast results made a huge difference in my learning and enjoyment. Just another opinion..BTW, the 503CWD + 40mm looks like a great package for a good price.

Good luck and have fun.