Centre filter in combination with UVSky


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Anybody familiar with this combination or isn't it nessesary to use a UV-Sky filter if you have a centre filter placed on your 45 mm?
I heard somebody saying. First UV-Sky and then on top the centre filtre?!?



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> If I recall, the center filter is used to "even" out the exposure over > the panoramic format at below about f/8 esp with transparency film. By > darkening the center field, the "edges" of the panoramic ( which are > naturally darker) are made to blend in better. I would expect the UV > to be a separate filter as it works over the entire format of the > picture and actually reduces the UV component. The 30mm comes with > such a filter "prepackaged" where it MUST be used, on the 45mm it is > considered optional I believe.


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> I have used two filters with all xpan lenses with no problems. I would ask, however, is the uv filter really necessary? I never use one. If I feel the need for such filtration, I go straight to a 1A or 81A. I consider "protection filters" a bad idea, except in extreme