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CFV + 16 GB Memory Flash Card


New Member
Just checked:
The Scan Disk Extreme III Compact Flash Card 16 GB (30MB/s)
works great with the CVF. Capacity 493 pictures.



35 pictures per minute allow you to push the buton for 2 houres no stop.

I think that to stop 20 seconds to change CF card every 10 minutes will not kill competition.

BTW 400 pictures with a Hasselblad V in hands is allready a lot.

I suspect that nowaday an array of cards is less expensive than a images bank


Active Member
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The Image Bank allows shots to be done to a CF, AND the IB as back-up .... not bad for those once in a lifetime shots ... and it works with all CF and HD cameras ... so you can shoot with multiple cameras.

Plus, IF you own an H2D or H3D camera, you can't use the back on a technical camera remotely without the Image Bank because there is no way to power the back.

It has it's uses.