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CFV back already showing dirt spots

Hey guys.
Bought my CFV 3 months ago. It has not been off the camera body since then. However, I shot some images over the weekend with a large spanse of blue sky, and noticed several tell-tale blackish dirt spots on the images.
First, I had hoped that those days of dirty sensors were over for me, as I figured that leaving the back mounted to the camera all the time would not allow any particles to find their way to the sensor.
So much for that theory.
Only thing I can figure out is that there must be dust particles or the like entering the camera body when I change lenses, and these particles must be making their way back to the sensor whenever the mirror flaps up. I don't see any other way I could be getting grit on the sensor.
I plan to take off the back, and swipe it with a very expensive, natural hair, non-static brush I bought years ago for doing the same on lens elements.
Anyone have any better solution?
Michael H. Cothran


New Member
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It's amazing that you went three months. There are more opinions about cleaning the IR filter (sensor) then there are cleaning products. The E Wipes that come with the CFV are usually too wet and I didn't like them. I use Visibledust products and have been happy. The flexframe site has had a lot of cleaning threads. I think the consensus is use care and clean often.



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It helps to turn the back off before changing lenses. They seem to be charged and attract dust when on. Still, how in the world could you go three months without cleaning the element?
Still, how in the world could you go three months without cleaning the element?[/quote]

It's never been off the camera! I thought as long as it stayed on the camera, even with lens changing, that there'd be no problem since the mirror is down. I still fail to see how grit can find its way to the sensor when it is enclosed.


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Simple: the auxiliary shutter does move a lot of air around when it opens/closes.

Dust that has entered the mirror box by lens changing etc (so dust located in front of the aux shutter) can easily migrate to the sensor by the air flow.

I would also not assume the back-2-body light trap "ridges" are by any standard air/dustproof.