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CFV screen and 205


New Member
I'm planning to add to my 205TCC (already modified for DigiBack) an used CVF-I back.
My question is about the CFV boxed phocusing screen with etched 36x36 field-of-view. Using for most of my amateur photos the zone mode, i'm asking to people in this forum that actually use CFV if the new screen comes with the central 6mm circle of spot meter measurement area of 205. If not, suggestions for solving the problem of spotmeter area with CFV-205 combinations are wellcome.
Many thanks


Active Member
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No it doesn't. The etched screen is for the 503CW but obviously fits a 205. You could place a thin clear plastic square over the focusing screen with the 6mm metered area indicated. The area will sat the same, so it will be metering a larger portion of the taking image with the CFV digital back.


New Member
Thank you Marc for your reply

but rigth now my hands are on the CFV. I argue that the supplied etched screen has the most internal circle of splitted image with about the same diameter of spot circle of original 205 focusing screen (not measured with any instrument, but this seems the correct finding with both screen one near the other). Can you confirm this and in your opinion, i can use the split image circle as a substitute for 205 spot area without problemfor what concerning zone mode metering.