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Change is coming!


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Due to very little traffic in the sub forums for Rollei, Bronica, Mamiya, Pentax and Contax these sections will be closed.

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well, it's a pity (though not amazing given the name of this forum) that so few users of non-Hasselblad equipment are here. Would anyone know of active fora for Rolleiflex users?



we have still a German Rollei Forum:
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we had also an English version for years under, but due to the lack of interest of the users (no postings at all) we closed it.

If there would be enough people with interest in Rollei or Sinar etc., we could open up a forum again (under own URL separated from for them and maybe also importing the old Rolleiforum into it.


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Hello CarstenW--

Try the new and look in the Contax/Zeiss Ikon Medium Format Thread. This is a new site and so far there are no posts regarding the Contax 645. Maybe we should contribute there. I also have a rather complete Contax 645 kit.



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I hope the interest for Contax cameras will stay alive as they are excellent cameras.
They enjoy some of the finest lenses ever made for MF.
I am thinking of the 120 Apo Chromat lens.
I would swap that immediately for my 120 Makro Planar.
20 years of development has given Zeiss new ideas as to how a 120 lens should perform.


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Thank you both Don and Paul for the help. I am looking at the ziforums, and vaguely know the admin from the M8 forum. Funny.

I recently decided that my M8 was not going to cover all my interests in photography (I am not a pro, but a graphics programmer, with a deep and lasting interest in photography), and so started accumulating Contax 645 bits, as this was the system I liked the best, when considering the possibilities in backs, lenses, and modern electronics (and prices!). I ended up with the body with both prism and waist-level finders, and the 35/3.5, 80/2 and 120/4 Macro lenses, so far, and just added an adapted Hasselblad 110/2 for portrait duty (hence my interest in the 2000/200 Hassies, as the 6x6 WLF is so much better than a 645 WLF for film). I am considering adding a 50/2.8FE as well, since the jump from 35 -> 80 is rather large, and this way, I would also have a nice two-lens system with the 2000/200 camera.

I got all of this stuff at really great prices, so I am still afloat, but I need to slow down seriously, and take care of life before I go any further. Hence the need to shoot film while I save for the DB (most likely a Sinar eMotion 54 LV). I will of course also continue to shoot my M8, but 35mm and MF are just so different, even a zen-like camera like the Leica :)