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Changing Feet


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I recently purchased a Hasselblad 503cx camera body, but realized after buying that the tripod mount on the "foot" doesn't fit my other Hasselblad accessories. I have a couple flash grips and Arca plates, but all of them use a 3/8" thread --> the foot on my 503cx has a 1/4" thread. Can the foot be changed easily? I removed the plate on the foot to take a look and it appears that there is a tapped circular tripod mounting "disk" under the foot itself - can this disk simply be changed for one with a larger hole? If so, where can I get one?



Yes, you can change the socket. Once you have removed the plate, you'll see four little screws around the socket. When you remove these, the socket comes out, and a new one can be put in its place.

There are/were two kits available, one for the 553 ELX and the 905 SWC, and one for the 503 CX, 2003 FCW and 205 TCC. So make sure you ask for the right one.
But i'm sorry, i don't know the part numbers.


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The part number for the 3/8" tripod socket for the 503 CX is 103342. If you live in the United States, you can order this part directly from Hasselblad USA. Their telephone number is (973) 227-7320. Ask to speak with Nichole at extension 238.

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This "problem" seems to apply also to the 201F cameras . I cant say for what serial numbers but the one i have (16EI10xxx) has only one hole with a 1/4" insert . Might be that later serials have a different insert . There is no need for me to replace this socket , as i only use the HASSELBLAD quick release tripod coupling . For others it might be interesting which part number to use .


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Hasselblad 503CX 3/8 Tripod Plate Insert

I have the same story as jeff_dyck.
I have a Hasselblad 503CX with a Sinar Back.
Sinarback 22:

I can't post links yet - just Google "Sinarback 22".

This info will help out tremendously, I'm off to find this insert, this will be a real treat to have - making all those other parts actually useful.

Many thanks,



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Hasselblad 503CX 3/8 Tripod Plate Insert

OK, I just ordered the 3/8 tripod plate insert, here's the info (only) if you have a Hasselblad 503CX.

Hasselblad 503CX 3/8 tripod plate (round) insert (bottom of body):
Part number: 402347
It's $22.00 (US) and postage.

I talked to Nicole (she's still there) and she's now at:

1-800-367-6434 X301 (NJ)

Simple as that - after looking for 6 months.
Nicole says if you need to find something - call, she'll figure it out.