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Charging CFV internal battery?

Hi guys. Another question -
I've been neglecting, ie forgetting, to charge the internal battery on my CFV. I noticed yesterday (Aug 30 08) that it's still showing Jul 29 08. I plugged it into my computer for 3-4 hours last night, and today it's still showing Jul 29 08. How long does it take to charge up, and do I need to have Flexcolor open?
Michael H. Cothran


PHOCUS and/or FLEXCOLOR do not reset TOD .

If your TOD/TOY is lost you can connect your back to your computer , but you must set the TOD/TOY value again .
It is not set automatically to the current valid TOD/TOY value .
If you have your back connected via FW for about 12 hours , the TOD value will be safe for 3 to 7 days . This is a known problem for the CFV back and HASSELBLAD is absolutely unable to present a solution for that issue . (or does not want to , because it might be too expensive)
The best you can do , is to check or set your TOD/TOY value before you start working with your back . And you must repeat that , whenever you work with your back . Thats great , isn't it .? ? ?



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It is a shame Hasselblad engineers were not able to fit a simple circuit that effectively records time/date.

Any cheap phone or digicamera has such a circuit.
Those things never have problems in the tod registration.


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Thanks for the explanation. I do not think any of us has the wrong idea
as to where the pain is located as a matter of speaking of course.



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CFV TOD battery lives

Being busy with other things I haven't switched my CFV back on for over five weeks. When I did so today I was pleasantly surprised to see the the TOD information was all correct, so at least one CFV doesn't lose time after short periods.