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Choice 500CM or 2000FCM


New Member

I'm faced with a difficult choice :
I have, for the same price, two hasselblad kits avialable to me :
A 500CM with 80/2.8 CF lens and a 2000FCM with 110/2 F lens...

Now, i do mostly studio and environmental portraits and nudes, and the f/2 of the 110 is very tempting, but i sorta gathered that the 2000FCM is not a good choice since parts are quickly becoming unavialable...

What are your thoughts ?




Active Member
My reason to steer clear of the FP shutter models is that the shutters are in general quite vulnerable to small accidents (like tapping a film magazine against it). I would never forgive myself if I ever damaged it like that, so I got myself a 500cm.



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I prefer the V series for the faster sync speed.

However, the price being the same seems strange. The 110/2 is a very excellent and expensive lens. Either the 500CM is way overpriced, or the 2000FCM kit is a steal... or there is something terribly wrong.


New Member
Often the prices on the 2000FC or FCM bodies can be quite low. Sometimes lower than a manual body. Since this is an F lens, that could explain the relatively low price of the kit. The more modern focal plane bodies would require an FE lens for metering functions. You may still want a leaf shutter lens with the 2000FCM body for all speed flash syncing. You may want to check if the shutter is wrinkled on the 2000.


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Well, the 500CM is a "RT" so 1986, and it's in great shape with the Acute-matte focussing screen and with the CF lens in great shape also... The 2000 is more or less in "Bargain" condition and so is the F-series (not FE) lens...
The conclusion of the process : i'll get the 500CM, and in a couple years, when i can afford it, i can always get a 200 series body with a 110/2...

Thanks for your thoughts...


New Member
I got a "Bargin" condition 2000FCW on and am very pleased with it. I got it for its multiple exposure capability, and for the potential to use the faster lenses for astrophotography, where one stop can be the difference between a two hour exposure and a one hour exposure all depending on the film's reciprocity characteristics. I do tend to use my 500C/M more than the 2000FCW at this time, since I do not have any F or FE lenses in my kit, yet.


If the 2000 works fine and the shutter is ok why not. The prize of 2000 is realy low because it is easy to kill a 2000: put your finger in the shutter ! If you think unable to put your finger buy it.
The 2000FCM have large miror so it is better than the 500CM if you use 150+mm lenses.
I liked my 2000FCM so much that I bought a 202FA later.