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Corine Mamiya ZD back


New Member
Yesterday after the workshop I tested a little bit more with Corine for the Elinchrom deep octa, at the moment I'm very impressed with the unit.
A perfect mix between contrast and softness and spotlike effects, great product :D








Active Member
Good work there Frank. The ZD back seems to be performing well.

When I switched from Elinchrom to Profoto I kept my Octabox and secured a Profoto to Elinchrom adapter.

Were you using the diffuser panel on these shots? Tell us more about your lighting set-up in total. And more about how the ZD back performed. Where you shooting thethered to a computer? If so, how is the interface? Inquiring minds want to know.


New Member
I cannot use tethered at the moment, my back is being replaced this week, I was still running a early s&le which had some firmware issues :D

I used the first inner baffle for all these shots, nothing more.
I find the second baffle to be a bit on the softside (nice if you want the softbox effect).

Lighting setup total was chancing constant.
But mostly deepocta and two strip lights as accent.

Shooting tethered by the way will be handled by lightroom in our studio, just run the Mamiya software in the back and open lightroom with the hotfolder active.