Correction diopter


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I'm a swedish amateur photographer using a lot of different cameras. Recently I have been using my digital Leica a lot which is good for documentation but when making a picture for it's own qualities and pure joy nothing beats film, a large square negative and a few hours with some good music in the darkroom. So I dusted of my Hasseblads and put a 553 ELX on a tripod just to find that the standard -1 diopter in the folding waist level viewfinder was not appropriate for me any longer. A +1 diopter was much better but still nothing was sharp at infinity. My prescription is sph + 0.75 cyl -0.50 (long distance). Which diopter should I use in the waist level finder and which one is the suitable for the PME-5 finder? If possible I would like to avoid using glasses when framing and focusing.

Peter Martin

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Hi to all, I'm new to the group, and have a viewfinder/prism question that I hope someone can help with. I need a correction lens for my NC2 prism. I've cross referenced the strenght with my chimney and 90 degree finders and it looks like I'm needing a -3 diopter correction. Is this an accurate enough test for success or is it just a "windage" approximation. Then, if/when I find the lens, how do I install it? I took the retaining ring out, and thought the standard lens would drop out. Mine does not. I looked closer, and it appears to me that the retaining ring does not come in contact with the installed lens, so it's not retaining anything... is the correction lens "added to" the standard lens, or do I have something else wrong with the setup? It looks to me as if the correction lens would sit on top of the installed lens and then the retaining ring would "snug" it down. Thanks for any help.