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CWD + Strobe light sync


New Member

May seem easy question to most, but as new to Studio flash and CWD 503. with 80 and 40mm lens.

I would like to be sure of sync cable configuration.

As I am seeing it:

1. Sync from lens flash socket to Sync input on CFV

2. Sync output from Sync out, using camera sync cable and strobe (elinchrom) sync cables joined (sexed ) together.

This also used for tethered mode.

Is this correct as dont want to damage lights or CFV.

Many thanks in advance. peter (UK)


New Member

It is not very clear to me why you are using a cable to trigger the CFV back.
As far as I know the back is triggered by the pin from the rear of the camera body.

To command a torch or studio flash you can use the PC socket on the lens without
interfering with the CFV or am I missing something?



New Member
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someone is I think.

From what I was led to believe. if tethered to a laptop.

the configuration for A 503 CWD is as shown. Tis is as shown in user manual.

But I am not sure that i understand when I see that, they say connect from
Sync output to the elinchrom flash sync cable.



New Member

I missed the part about tethered operation sorry.

It gets even worse.
I tried to look up the manual for the CFV and or the converted 200 series.
No acces to any manual although I am logged in as a user.
Strange things are happening in Sweden and in Germany where I am.
Both the German and the Swedish site do not give me permission to see any docs or manuals.

I will contact Hasselblad Ahrensburg next week because I need to order some spares anyway and ask them what is happening.



New Member

as far as i am aware you do not need the sync cable from lens to back. You do need it only in case for longer exposure times (and this only in case you dont want to switch menu settings for the longest exposure time - if you do so there is no need for sync cable also). I am doing this all the time while using a PinHole cap - no sync terminal at all. ;)
So you should be fine with triggering the strobe with the sync cable from lens to flash.

Greetings Andy


The users guide says the following .

(tethered or untethered) If you use portable units , flash , computer or image bank , you only need to connect a flash sync cable from the lens (or from the camera , when using a modified 203 or 205 camera) to your flash unit.

With studio type flash units which are connected to an AC outlet and your
CFV BACK tethered to a computer which is also connected to an AC outlet , connect the short sync flash cable from the lens (or from the 203 , 205 camera) to the CFV BACK and a sync flash cable from the CFV BACK to your flash unit.

This can be found on the first page of the CFV BACK users guide under topic Flash/Strobe .