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ELM battery insert


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Is there a battery insert available for the ELM that permits using a regular 9-volt battery?
I would give this a second thought!

While this thread is a couple of months old already... if anyone is still thinking about this option....

The 500 ELM and 500 ELX motors were never designed to run on that much current (9volts). Even the newer 553 ELX takes only 7.5 volts (5 - AA size batteries).

Running the motor with 9 volts, ... yes it may get you a faster frame rate, but it will burn the motor out much faster.

While NiCads are not made anymore, there are other solutions. There is an adapter which takes 2 CR2 batteries which is about 6 volts (the same as the original NiCads).

Bottom line 9 volts is way too much for that motor to handle.


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9 Volt Batteries for EL/M/X cameras

This thread is more than 5 years old actually.
In all those years 9 volt batteries have never given cause for extra wear let alone problems with motors or any other components from these cameras.

First of all these cameras are built like a tank and have quite a lot of reserve capacity to cope with any extra strain should that occur.

Secondly the 9 Volt from those small block batteries drops to a considerably lower value as soon as this battery is loaded with the motor of the camera.

I have used the 9 volt alternative quite a lot and have never exerienced any problems with he 500 ELX camera it was used in.
The 9 volt battery is the only alternative readily available from filling stations and other non camera shops.

Finally there was a mains power supply available once from Hasselblad for the EL series that also supplies a higher output for these cameras.
As far as I know this was never the cause for extra wear.



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Please get your units right: current is indicated in Amperes, voltage is (obviously) in Volts.

The motors in the EL cameras are not flimsy parts, and do not suffer from premature failure from a 9V supply. The motor draws quite a bit of current which makes the voltage of the battery drop considerably. The internal resistance of a 9V battery is much higher than a NiCd rechargable that is in good shape.



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Thanks Daniel,

Another confirmation from a well respected Hasselblad technician that motordrive cameras from the EL/M/X series can be powered by these batteries without problems.