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FE lens show 39


I just recieved a very used 110mm FE lens to replace my nice 110mm F

I got electrical mistakes, when I chose 3.5, 4.0 or 16 the lens show 39. On other setup it's correct.

That's mean that's impossible to use saftly.: If at 2.0 the speed is 1/1000 then the speed for 3.5,4.0 or 16 is 6 sec.

Is it possible to repair it at reasonable prize or not ?


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You do not name the camera you are using .
I assume that you have a 203FE .
Have you replaced the battery in the camera by a really new one . If not , please do so and try again .
If that does not help , it looks as if the correct aperture value is not transmitted properly to the camera circuits .
That could be a fault in the lens as well as in the camera .

You could try to eliminate the issue to either body or lens , when you have an other FE or CFE lens available .


Thanks for answer.

The battery is new. With my 3 other (FE/CFE) lenses. my 202FA works perfectly.

The 110 2.0 FE is "srongly used".
The look is terrible. But opticaly it's OK
The seller agree to reduce the final prize after this constatation. So I conclud he had the probleme with his body too.

Stange that it partialy works. Perhaps contact in the lens ?

Perhaps this malfunction will drive me crazy on works.