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Film Magazine ?


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It is the correct number but the latest model was introduced in 1997 with the holder for the darkslide fitted to the rear of the back.

The last technical improvement was made in 1985 with a modified pressure plate and "brakes" to increase flatness of the film.


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A while like in 20 years?
A Japanese camera manufacturer offered this simple solution at the end of the eighties.
Dark slides are best left in the pocket of a shirt unless you tie your shoelaces several times a day. Then the dark slide slides out of the pocket and may be lost.
Storing in the pockets of atrouser is not recommended.
It causes bent dark slides and a painfull upper leg.

Being conservative in design often has advantages. This is an example where accepting progress took too long.


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Well.. a little while in Hasselblad terminology. They are indeed a tad slow. For example my 1950s Pentax-en are still running fine with their original lubrication, unlike the greasy goo Hasselblad and Zeiss prefered :lame: Keeping up with technology does have its merits.



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Lindahl has an aftermarket Dark Slide Holder available for sale. If you are located in the USA, go onto B & H Photo website and search for the Lindahl Dark Slide Holder. Here it is below:

Dark Slide Keeper Accessory for Hasselblad Film Backs

  • Mfr # 162005
  • B&H # LIDSKH
The cost is $15 each. At one point, it was available for $7.95 each and buy 4 for $30. Those times are gone. I use them on my older non Hasselblad DS holder backs and they work like a charm. Better then using your pocket if you wear t-shirts or shorts in the warm mnonths!!


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The invention of multigrade lubricants is kept a secret for Hasselblad engineers.
I had my silver C lenses cleaned and lubricated with high grade synthetic lubricants in the seventies.

Took them on a trip to Iceland immediately after the service job.
They behaved perfectly during that trip and many more years after that.
I sold them when I upgraded to CF lenses.