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New Member
Is it possible to use a second filter, in addition to a center filter, without vignetting in panoramic mode on the 45mm lens? Does the order in which one places the filters on the lens make any difference? How, if at all, would using two filters affect use of hood? Thanks. Bill W.


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I had tried to put a Leica M PL infront of the lens with a leica E49 adaptor ring,with the centre filter mounted,no vignetting.see the picture here
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Very nice image - the XPan format does nice justice to it. Yes I use a 49mm adapter to fit my Leica 55mm filters to the XPan and the nice thing is that I'm able to be sure of no vignetting.

I love the XPan II and 45mm and 90mm lenses - the format is superb and camera is a joy to use. I'm just itching to go take some really serious stuff.