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Good deal on a viewfinder magnifier?

I just found a view finder magnifier on Ebay in exc condition with a +3~-3 diopter. It only had a few minutes left on the no-reserve auction, so I went ahead and bid, and just won it for $41 US. After close observation, I notice that it is not a Hasselblad magnifier (and why would I have thought so for $41??), but one made by Brightscreen. It looks fine in the picture, and comes from a seller with a good record. It slips over any PM/PME view finder up to the PME51, which is what I have, and fastens with two thumb screws. For $41 US, I don't see how I could go too wrong. I'd appreciate your thoughts. With my eyes slowly aging, I've been considering a magnifier for quite some time, but never expected to get one for this price.
Michael H. Cothran


Active Member
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Hi Michael,

I think you should not worry too much about it not being a Hasselblad version. Brightscreen (whats ina name) also did the focusing screens, and as far as I know people general like their products.

Should you not like it for whatever reason you can always sell it on I would say.



New Member

Congratulations with this auction buy. It is a steal!

There are a number of good finder magnifiers from other manufactureres and guess what?
Hasselblad does not make these things either, they order them from outside sourses.

For the PME 90 for instance you can not buy a Hasselblad magnifier so those
who like to use a magnifier will use one from Brightscreen or any other supplier.