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Good Luck Steve!


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I am sorry to report Steve Hendrix who has been a great help with matters digital and H series cameras has decided to join the "enemy"
Starting next month Steve will be Area Manager for Phase One covering Texas to North Carolina.

His former employer PPR is sorry to see Steve go.

I wish to thank Steve for the support he gave posters here and wish him lots
of good sales in his new job.
Of course his knowledge of digital imaging and Hasselblad is still welcome at this forum.
I will even turn a blind eye if Phase One comes up now and then.

Thanks Steve!!

Forum moderator.


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Well... it is the competition that helps to keep Imablad honest.

So I for one would sure be interested in what Phase One puts onto
the market.



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Yes, the price will be telling. Sinar is the top of the heap when it comes to price maybe only exceeded by the Leaf Hy6 offerings.

At first blush, this would seem to be a response to Hasselblad's massive price reduction of the H3D-II/31 which features the exact same sensor... a promotion that apparently will be ongoing without an end, and has been very successful for Hasselblad.

However, that price reduction was quite recent, so it is hard to imagine that Sinar could make a whole new camera that quickly. It has to have been in response to market demand for a fast, fashion type camera.

So indeed, the price will be most telling. Can't wait.

As to Phase One ... the little LCD is really no big deal in actual use ... except, it is much nicer to use a big one like the H3D-II LCD : -)

The new Sinar LCD has just about the same specs as the Nikon D3/D700 LCD which is quite excellent. If you look at the layout of the Phase One backs, it's hard to imagine a big LCD stuffed in there ... so, apparently a complete redesign of the user interface would be necessary.


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The price reduction HB did does tell us something interesting: it is not really the sensor that is dictating the end user price. I can only welcome more back makers using the same sensors (assuming those sensors are of good quality, image wise). More production in the semiconductor world typically means vastly reduced prices. Combine that with more competition and we should get good backs at reasonable prices. For some definition of reasonable of course.

We really live in interesting times.