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I have a couple of questions about this camera, after checking some of the threads on this forum, and looking at product sheets on the Hasselblad site. I have an opportunity to buy an H2D-22 kit for a price that looks very attractive. Attractive compared to my other option for going digital, getting a CFV back to use on my (small) V system. It would mean selling all or most of my V equipment, and starting over, but it may be the better long-term investment.

1. Is the H2D-22, with current firmware, capable of Digital APO Correction? (and does it produce 3FR files or DNG files?). The H2D(22) product sheet talks about DNG, and doesn't mention DAC, while the H2D-39 sheet does, but I suspect the the H2D sheet dates to the very first version.

2. I believe that the H2D does not accept film backs, correct?

3. Can the back on an H2D-22 be taken off, and used, with an adaptor, on an SWC (which I have), or a view camera? Or is this a capability that only arrived with the H3D?

4. Can an H2D be 'upgraded' to an H3D? I thought that this was possible but now I suspect that it was actually a trade-in plan, that is finished now that H3D (not II's) are no longer in production, and that it is probably a traded-in H2D that I am being offered.

I guess the real question is whether the H2D-22 is a good place to jump into the modern world, and a useful starting point to get into Hasselblad's totally integrated lenses-camera-back-software vison of digital photography, or whether it is a bit of a dead-end orphan product in that world?

Many thanks for your help and suggestions,


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"It would mean selling all or most of my V equipment, and starting over."

Not necessarily true. Any H camera can use the CF adapter that allows use of all C, CF, CFi and CFE lenses and some accessories like the bellows.

1) The original H2D/22 directly shot DNGs. That was abandoned with all further cameras. I was told it was due to difficulty dealing with 39 meg files.

You need to ask the seller two questions: what firmware does the digital back say is loaded, and what version of Flexcolor is being used.

2) No. The H2/CFH does. The H3Ds will take film backs, the H3D-IIs will not.

3) SWC: No. View camera: Yes... for ex&le, look here for H adapters:

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4) Yes, in fact it is a better deal to upgrade to a H3D-II from an H2, than it is from an H3.

Hasselblad has gone on record in support of the H1 and H2 products for ten years from date of original purchase.

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Thanks Marc. I know that V series lenses can be used with an adapter, but I only have a couple, so I would probably move to the H versions for full automation.

1. The camera is from Hasselblad, refurbished I presume, so it should have current versions of firmware and Flexcolor.

3. I understand that now: the included back wants to connect to either an H camera or an H adapter on a view camera, a non-dedicated (Hasselblad) back could have an H adapter to connect to the D2, and a V adapter to connect to the SWC, I guess. Too bad, I kind of like the SWC.

4. There doesn't seem to be an upgrade to an H3D-II/22, and although the upgrades may be a good deal, i.e. several thousand dollars less than buying an H3D-II new, we are still talking more than double the price of the H2D/22, which is already a pretty big step, for me.


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Wasn't suggesting an upgrade Arguna ... just answering:

"Can an H2D be 'upgraded' to an H3D? I thought that this was possible but now I suspect that it was actually a trade-in plan, that is finished now that H3D (not II's) are no longer in production, and that it is probably a traded-in H2D that I am being offered."

Wether you can still upgrade a H2 to a H3 is a question for Hasselblad service. If I recall the only major difference when keeping the 22 meg back, was inclusion of a HVD-90 viewfinder. So, one question concerning the camera you're purchasing is wether it already has the higher magnification viewfinder.

All-in-all, it all depends on what the H2D/22 price is. Once upon a time I had that camera ... and the images were stunning ... which I upgraded to a H3D/39. There is something to be said about the size of the sensor photo-sites of a 22 meg back.

Don't know what your use will be, but the H system has become the centerpiece tool for my diverse work load. It worms its way into your heart by consistently delivering. Once learned and mastered, it's REALLY fast. The flash control with a Metz flash is among the easiest, quickest and most accurate I've ever used. The metering is accurate. The AF is quicker than the latest Mamiya AFD-II, and light-years faster than a Contax 645 ... and despite the hype, it is as fast or faster than the new Hy6 which I have tested in my studio.


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1.The H2D-22 with current firmware supports DAC Levels I, II, & III, which is the same level as H3DII. It orginally produced native DNG files in camera (.fff when shooting tethered), but with current firmware, will write .3FR.

2. Correct - the H2D-22 is not compatible with the 16/32 film back.

3. The back can be taken off (for cleaning), but it lacks any synchronization ports to allow it to work with other cameras (view cameras, etc). It would not adapt to an SWC, regardless.

4. An H2D-22 currently can be traded for an H3DII-31 or H3DII-39 for $13,300 and $16,000, respectively. This is not an upgrade - you would receive a completely new unit (minus lens).

H2D-22's seem to be available in the $10K - $12K range. It is a capable piece if kit, as long as you can accept the limitations, which include:

*no film
*cannot be used on any other camera
*cannot use the HCD 28mm
*likely will not be able to use future lenses (conjecture on my part)
*does not use Ultra Focus II technology
*no thumb-wheel control of digital back menus

But - many of the enhancements that the H3D/H3DII boast are compatible with the H2D, such as:

*battery warning in percentage
*able to focus from computer (with Phocus software)
*will accept the GPS module
*can adjust ISO/WB from the Drive button

If the limitations aren't a deal breaker, for $11K-ish, it's not a bad start. But we promote refurbished H2D-22's only in terms of being completely satisfied with the current compatible lens lineup, because it's possible no future lenses will work with it (and the 28mm does not). If that's acceptable, you might consider it. As a point of comparison, an H3D-22 recently went for $13,500. If view camera compatibility, and all lens compatibility are important to you, you might try to stretch your budget.

Steve Hendrix
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Thanks very much for the clarifications. The H3D-22 for $13,500 sounds like a good deal, for the option of using film in particular. Lens compatibility is not big issue for me - a few of the current lenses should do me fine. I am still a little bit ambivalent about how to go digital; a CFV and V series, or switch to H, so I may just stick with film for a bit.