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H3D-39 - Battery life?


New Member

Im a newcomer with H3D and have quick and simple question.

Camera is H3D-39.
On the average how many photos you can take with:
1) typical battery grip 1850mAh
2) set of 3 x CR-123A 800mAh




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Never counted them or paid any attention to it since I've never experienced an issue. I use all the features a lot, so I don't expect endless battery life and carry 2 spares with me.

Some folks had a "fuel gauge" issue where the camera thought the battery was low and you had to manually re-set it ... but that's fixed now.

Never used the CR-123 battery option.


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Hi there!

I'm also a bit worried about the batterylife. I just got my H3D II and I've done testshooting. Next week I should so some customer works with it. One of my collegues told me that the body should be reset to recognize a full battery by pushing 2 buttons down while inserting a new fully charged battery. I can't find any innformation about that anywhere and can't remember which buttons I should press. Can any one help me or is this just the case that is fixed described by "fotografz"?

I got 2 batteries and the 123 batterygrip and it might be that a should do full day shoots without the posibility to connect to a computer.

br Valtteri


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The process to reset the full battery gauge:

1) Charge the battery for 8 hrs in the charger.

2) With NO battery installed on the camera, press the orange on/off button for a few seconds to make sure the camera is fully discharged.

3) Press the flash and menu buttons at the same time on the camera grip, and old them as you install the freshly charged battery.

You should hear a short and rapid audio feedback. If not, repeat steps 2 and 3.

With the battery installed, press the button just above the on/off button and hold it to see the battery status. It should read 100%

Battery life is a matter of useage on these cameras. AF or Manual focus, lots of LCD reviews or less reviews, Lots of menu use and scrolling verse less, use of fill flash or not, etc., etc..


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All of these MFD cameras and backs are sensitive to low power ... I usually swap batteries as soon as it shows 3/4 or below. A low battery is the cause of most issues while shooting.

I just did an 8 hour industrial shoot and swapped batteries mid day and finished out with the second battery. About 400 shots with use of the flash on a few plus lots of LCD reviews and resetting ISOs/WB.