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Hasselblad CWD comes to an end of production.


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I was just informed by my dealer that the Anniversary model 503CW is coming to an end of production. The last few will probably be gone by the end of this week.

They did not say anything about the 503CW or the CFV Back as separate items.


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Hasselblad does not give information about the future of its products.
As soon as the costs to design a product are recovered and the sales volume
drops any product is at risk to be discontinued.

Products are made or ordered in batches of several hundred units.
When it takes too much time to sell a complete batch chances are no new
orders for that product will be given. This product will be discontinued.
The information about products that are to be discontinued is not available.

In rare occasions slow moving stock is mentioned in the pricelist as a product
that will run out meaning as soon as stock is sold no new items will be available.


2 years to sell only 500 limited CWD kits is very long.

I hope the CFV sells beter. I remember that limited edition were never a good deal for Hasselblad. When you buy a Hasselblad you buy a tool.

I hope they will adapt the prize of the cfv to the fact that the sensor is a 7 years old technology one, and hope great surprise at the 2008 Kina.

I regret no buying the cfv 2 years ago and selling it second hand today: a good deal. Perhaps the next one I will buy new as fast as possible.

It was stupid to sell the CFV with the 80mm, because the 36mmx36mm shoult have been beter with a 60mm ...and every Hasselbladist has allready a 80mm


An idea to kill any hesitations for me is to sell the CFV II with an exclusiv 60mm CFE lens. (Yes a CFE one or a new "Biogon 60mm CFE-IF!" as Zeiss sells a new range of biogon for the Phenix: Leica)


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The 503CW was discontinued recently - I'm sorry I don't know exactly when. The only Hasselblad V series body still in current production is the ELD. Also, all V series lenses 180mm and longer are discontinued...

Steve Hendrix


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Hi Steve,

I admit it is confusing especially when you look at Hasselblads global website.
That website still lists and shows the 30 mm CFi, the 350CFE SA.
They are both discontinued.

The only body for the V series now is the 503CW.
I think the last 555ELD was sold 3 years ago.



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Hi Steve,

I am glad you made a mistake, otherwise I would be dragging along a 555ELD all day!



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I know that works for the 555ELD but never used that method with a 553ELX.

The 503CW is a delight to use handheld with the winder.



The CWD sells since about 3 years now. The CWD II is about the same product.

Hope this year we will see a new (real) improved one !
I'm not saying that it's a bad one, but 16Mpix is now in the 24x36 standard.

For a new digital back with 40Mpix for 48x48mm at the same price, I suppose that I cann calculate the cost on 3,5 years (if I buy it the first month it will be for sale).


Not that I'm in the market for a second 503CWD/CWD-II, but I'm just trying to understand what has been discontinued. I thought that there were 500 of the 503CWD Anniversary models made and I assumed that all had been manufactured already and there might just be a few in dealer's hands still unsold.

So is it correct that Hasselblad is 1) still making the 503CW body and 2) still making the CFV-II back and so still making and selling the 503CWD-II (non-anniversary model) camera? If so, the V-system lives on, just in a reduced lineup (especially reduced lineup of lenses).

Re the discontinued lenses....glad I picked up a 180 CFi recently. Now I'm on the hunt for a 250 or 350 SA....if anyone has a lead on one of these (not sure I can afford one, but it's worth thinking about). I might have to add a 60mm too, just to complete my V-system lens lineup. :)

I too will dream on for a 48x48 (or better yet, 58x58?) sensor back. I wish Phase One or Leaf would come out with one of these.

Gary Benson
Eagle River, Alaska