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HDII-22 Restart Back


New Member
hello derek

no it does'nt work. The battery is both for the camera and for the back. But if I remove it, it does'nt work

The only thing that have worked is to plug the camera with FireWire...

But if the problem comes back, and if I have no computer, I want to be able to resolve the problem.

Any idea ?
I have the H3DII 39mp, you too? Yes, when you remove the battery from the grip the back loses power.

When did it lock up? Perhaps I have not had this yet. Is it locked on the LCD?

What happens when you remove the battery on the grip?



New Member
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It is the HDII-22. The LCD was off. I shutted the camera down, then I removed the battery. Nothing happened. I put the battery on, the camera was ok but give the same error message for the back

I plugged the back on a computer, then the back restart.

Next time, I will remove the back...

edit : Removing the back resolves the problem.