Home made BW prints


Since I'm getting more into black and white analog photography, I was wondering how I could do my own bw prints? What equipment would I need (paper, chemicals, lens etc)?

Can anyone recommend websites/books to help with technique?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!


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An excellent idea!

You can start with a modest little tank to develop your own films.
For that you will need a dark room to fit the film to the spoolholder.
After that it takes developing fluid, rinsing and a fluid to fixing bath and rinsing again.

Next stage is printing.
An enlarger and various containers etc to develop and fix the prints.
I would advice to look for an old fashioned shop that sells chemicals and paper.
Enlargers are to be had at give away prices. Only thing that might cost a little more is a decent lens for the enlarger.

A special room is nice. Most of us started in the bathroom.
B+W is a process that is well suited for a home environment.
It is not as critical as colour printing where close tolerances need to be observed for good results.


I will go ask them at my local shop soon then. I currently have a vacant basement room, that can easily become a dark room. I wouldn't mind getting a decent lens. As far as I can see, they cost around 300-600 Euros.


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For 300 euros you will have a complete setup for printing.
I found a perfect working Durst B+W enlarger near the dustbin of a large
They had not even bothered to remove the lens. A razor sharp Schneider lens.

Keep in mind to make it a perfect dark room you will need a water tap and plumbing.
I am sure evilbay will have a nice offering of enlargers.
Sometimes you can get a complete darkroom at a very friendly price too.