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International transport


How do you transport your gear when flying?

Obviously, it can't all be carried on board.
I have a Pelican case which I have used with two locks on it. Is this safe enough? I have only done this with my Canon gear, and I now have V system which I am much more careful with.

As far as I remember, Pelican has a lifetime warranty.
Any other suggestions? it seems as though the Pelican case should be up for the job, but I still want to be cautions before putting my lenses and CFV on the conveyor belt!


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As far as I know, you can't lock your case on some international flights. I carry lenses and bodies in a bag as cabin luggage and everything that's not essential, or of low value goes in the hold.

My CFV back would be in my pocket before I passd it over to the handlers.


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The amount of allowed cabin luggage is large enough to keep a few bodies, lenses and a CFV back with you as personal luggage.
I would rather part with clothing/toilet gear than have camera equipment handled by the luggage transport.

Operators are known to throw pieces of luggage, sometimes cases are even dropped from a plane.


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I am not sure how much gear you plan to carry, but mine always goes on board as carryon. No way I will leave it to the luggage handlers to be wrecked, lost or stolen.

As a datapoint: my backpack is big enough to hold a 501CM with PME plus A12, CB80, CF40, CF50, CF250, 2 loose A12. That means I cannot (well, maybe it could be hammered in but..) take my C150. And not all filmbacks. In the backpack there is also space for say 25-30 rolls of film, without their carton boxes of course.

The only downside of this exercise: it is bloody heavy. So one goes and trains, so that you can, while smiling, lift the backpack with one hand, in front of the check-in ground staff to show it ain't heavy :lol:

I sometimes stuff two filmbacks plus a handheld Gossen meter in the check-in luggage.