Making a B104 #50628 Glassless Filter Mount

Hi All,

I have been looking for a #50628 B104 Glassless Filter Mount for the 40mm F4 C Distagon. I don't think they exist, at least at this point. I decided to cobble something together, with what I already have in my studio.

I started with the black empty filter mount, that comes with the "Buick Tyre". Sorting through parts in my studio, I came across an old Sinar Norma Filter Holder, that I made into parts. I then reconfigured a couple of the rings/parts and a flat circular "washer", into a contraption that fits into the original mount and "Buick Tyre" and holds tightly, my collection of Sinar Norma Glass Filters. Right now the ring is held together with black electrical tape, photo-machining will be the final solution.

Here is a Dark Red Sinar Glass mounted on the 40mm, it's a nice perfect fit, dosen't vignette at all, through the viewfinder. Also my collection of other Sinar Glass Filters, which now fit on the lens:



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Very satisfying to do huh? Building / crafting something like this yourself I mean.