Hi guys.
Spent last Saturday shooting on the campus of the University of the South, located in Sewanee, Tennessee. This is a very expensive liberal arts college, and most of the buildings are done in Old English Gothic. The 3 images below are of the interior of the All Saints Episcopal Chapel - the campus' main chapel, although "cathedral" would be a more accurate description.
Used the 501CM with the CFV back and 40mm CF FLE lens. 6 exposures (1 stop apart) processed in Photomatix with extensive post HDR processing in CS3. Hope the compression for this site doesn't affect the images too much. Printed to 24"x24" @ 170 ppi, the detail and sharpness are the best I've ever produced. Can't say enough good things about the CFV (other than still hating the 1.5 lens factor).



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I agree. The CFV is the single best purchase I have made in years. Blows everything else away in terms of quality images. All my clients agree. Just don't tell too many people. I'm enjoying the low price of used glass!

I don't mind the crop factor. I actually like the focusing screen lines. Kind of reminds me of working with my Mamiya 7II. Its the best of both worlds!



Great images . Thanks for posting .
It is not allowed to shoot with a tripod in german churches .
I have aquired and installed PHOTOMATIX PRO 3.0 now and will do my first tests soon .


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Thanks Michael.

Even with the limitation of the TFT screen and limited upload capacity of the forum you can feel the atmosphere of this Church.

With these pictures I feel so close to that church that it almost makes me hear the special long reverberation typical for these buildings.

Seeing these the lack of real life pictures in Victor comes in my mind.



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Another "post processing" software people might want to try is Helicon Focus. I just downloaded a trial version and it seems promising. It does for DOF that HDRI does for exposure. I borrowed one of my GFs Violet plants and did a "quick and dirty" macro of the center of the flower. 13 "cuts" were done through the central portion of the flower and then combined with Helicon. I would estimate that the DOF at this magnification was 0.2mm.



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Michael, great shots! I am glad to see this thread as I am new to this forum and HDR. I do use 501CM and CFV back. Have begun experimenting with Photomatix. Printing with pigment inks: Cone Special Edition K6 B&W on Epson 1400 and ConeColor K7 on Epson 2400 for color. I consider myself an advanced amateur am hoping to see more discussion on technique with both the CFV back and Photomatix. Again, great shots - jfj