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New shutters available shortly


New Member
For those who are unfortunate to have a 2000 series camera with a damaged shutter there is good news.
Shutters are being remanufactured in a different material that is less likely to be damaged by touching it.
Several bodies have been fitted with these shutters and are performing well.
As soon as more news is available I will inform those interested.
Nice clean bodies with shutter problems are sought to get a shutter transplant.


New Member

That is encouraging news. Who will be making these reapirs with the newer shutter materials? Could they also modified the older 2000FC to retain the shutter from firing upon removing the magazines?

I understand that its the electronic circuit boards that Hasselblad is worried about. They are either very low in inventory or have depeleted it completely.

Can you provide any additional information regarding the older 2000 series bodies repairs?


New Member

Sorry I would advise against a conversion for the 2000FC.
It is not only the switch but the electronics circuit boards that need to be changed.
The "M" and later models have improved circuits that also incorporate the switch function to open the shutter as soon as the back is moved away from the body.
It should not be a problem to fit a 2000FC with the new shutter as long as the camera has no electronic faults.
Although the retraction of the curtains is a great improvement it is no longer neccesary as the new shutter is less prone to accidental damage.

Just have a little patience and wait for the announcement that will also give price and further details.

BTW I know of a very brave guy who fitted Kiev88 shuttercurtains to a 2000 camera.
That kind of a transplant is only meant for courageous people with fine engineering skills.
As the owner of this camera said it is not plug and play but rather plug and pray.


New Member

Thanks for the information. I am asking for a friend of mine who decided not to repair his 2000FC. He asked if I wanted it for free. For me, I would prefer to have the retracting shutter feature similar to the 2000FCM.

His camera body has a problem with the shutter not opening up all the time. Hasselblad USA quoted him a price that he deem not worth it to him to repair due to limited resources on his behalf.

Regarding the Kiev88 shutter curtain modification, are you referring to the metal curtains or the newer rubberized curtains use in the Kiev 88CM? I believe that a technician in Toronto was doing this sort of "repairs". When asked about the timing issue regarding the weight of the Hasselblad original curtains over his newer materials, the information stopped flowing. Guess it didn't work.

I know a Japanese fellow who was buying up 2000FCM and 2003FCW bodies that had minor rips or tears in the curtain. He founded a shop in Russia that was repairing the ripped curtains by stitching it up. He had no problems afterwards with the repaired bodies.

Only thing I worry about is the availability of circuit boards for the older 2000 series and also the newer 200 series. They are limited in supplies and very expensive to repair. I found out by attempting to fix a problem with a 201F.


New Member
Hello Evan,

If the 2000FC has no circuit problems it will be possible to repair it with the new shutters.
As far as I know the 1/2000 second speed is still possible with the new shutters.
I will have a body with the new shutter in a little while so wait for the results.

Unless the circuitboards need a part specially developed for Hasselblad it will be possible to repair the board in stead of replacing it completely.
Ask your friend if he still has the 2000FC camera.
It may be the subject of a test fitting of the new shutter.
Parts for the shutter and shipping to and from Germany is all it will cost you.



New Member
Good Morning Paul--

I've been reading your posts regarding the new shutters for the 2000FC with great interest. Recently my 2000FC experienced a shutter lock up and my repair person has indicated that "the adjustment of the shutter gear slipped and will not time properly to open the curtains correctly". I am not sure what this entails but to have Hasselblad correct the problem is just to expensive for this camera. My repair person has the body stripped down to make the adjustments and/or replace with any working 2000FC shutter that we may find in an unuseable body.

I may be willing to provide the body under some arrangement with your people to test fit a new shutter per your last post of Oct. 1, if you are interested.

Regards, Don


New Member
Hi Paul,

As far as I understood, the shutter in his camera is good with no dents or rips or tears. This is what Hasselblad wrote to him:

The camera will be cleaned & lubricated the release arm & driving arm will also be replaced. The camera will be within factory tolerances when the repair is completed.

For me, since the interior parts of the 2000FC is different then that of the 2000FCM, it doesn't pay for me to fix it. Probably I will keep it as spare parts for future use for my friend.



I believe these people are making new shutter curtains. Not new shutters.
If the shutter mechanism is in need of repair, it will still need to be repaired.


New Member
Hi Paul,

I am revisiting this thread once again. Next week I will stop by Hasselblad USA to pick up the mentioned 2000FC camera body as-is.

The repair required to bring it up to par is as stated below.

Would your guy be able to repair along with the insertion of the new shutter?

Also for those individuals that had the new shutter installed, how has this shutter been doing so far to date? Are these any problems that might had cropped up so far? I would be interested to hear of the latest news on these new shutters.

Evan Dong

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New Member
Hi Evan,

John not only fits new shutter curtains but also services the camera to make sure it will perform as it should.

Just fitting new shutter curtains is not very useful as it does not mean the camera will function correctly after the shutter has been replaced.
I think he also stocks other parts.

Please conact me with a pm if you need more information.