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New Zeiss lenses


Three ZV (Zeiss V-Sytem) lenses for Hasselblad:
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Not quite new: CF lenses in a blank metal barrel.
The 50 mm is the FLE Distagon design, but appears to lack the FLE functionality.

New is the change from bayonet filter mount to threaded filter mount (67 mm). Since there are no adapters, new filters are needed.
The outer mount still is a bayonet 60, so 'the usual' shades fit.


New Member
Perhaps the FLE 50mm design should be cheaper if it is a V-series only?? But somehow a 'Classic' designation might mean they are even less affordable, especially for the 120 and 180.

As we would say here, it seems like "Clayton's" support for the V series. Better than Hasselblad, perhaps.

Maybe they are aimed a few collectors too. This seems to work sometimes, eg the reissue of limited edition Nikon rangefinders.


New Member
They Look Good!

But, the threaded filter mount, and is it T*? What else is missing, perhaps price? Oh, I doubt that! And Contax!!!!

It is a new Game!