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News section for user reviews


Dear members,

we have created a new section in our community portal for user reviews. This new section is independant from a brandname. It covers all kind of brands for cameras, lenses, scanners, printers etc. Just click in the navigation bar on "Reviews". Or use this link:

The purpose of this new section is to focus on users, who have not yet decided for a specific camera system/ brand name. Some of them are not yet ready to join a community forum. They first want to have a quick overview.

After they decided for a specific brand, they will hopefully join one of our community forums

This review section is independant from a brandname. It is for digital and analogue equipment of course. Also scanners, printers etc.
It would be great if you could start already with a few bullet points of your experience with certain models. Just click on "Upload Products". Even if you do not have pictures of that equipment.

We just added a few specs and photos as a beginning. This section will grow over the time in a continious process. Specifications and missing products will be added over the time.You can also just add missing products yourself. It is very easy.

Have fun with it!

Your Camera-info Team