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Non HC lenses with H3D/2 - Possible?


New Member
Just wondering if it's possible to use non HC lenses with the H3D/2?

As someone who has no need for most of the bells and whistles that attach to the lens connectivity, I wouldn't mind being able to use, say, some Zeiss glass if I could.

If it is possible, is anyone doing this?




New Member
You can use all Zeiss lenses for the V series together with a special adapter for the H series cameras.
V series lenses with databus contacts, CFE models, will allow light measuring with full aperture.
Besides that you also have focusing information with V series lenses.

The adapter does not come cheap. It is about 1000 euro.
For owners who already have CFE/CF/C lenses it is a good investment and for those who like the typical
properties of Zeiss lenses of course.


New Member

Thanks for the prompt reply.

That is very interesting.

Most of my work is gallery/museum fine art documentation for catalogue reproduction. I am trying to decide on a lens that will be my everyday flat art copying lens. I have already used the 120 macro for close up and table top and I really like it. However, I have also used the 80mm and I don't think it's as good as it might be.

Any suggestions?




New Member

I would definitely recommend the 100 mm.
For your kind of work depending on the distance to the object a combination of
the 100 mm CF/CFi and the 120 CFE is a winning team.

Makro 120 up till about 1m object distance.
For larger distances the 100 mm is exceptionally good.
Only thing you cannot have: the 100 mm has no databus/ electronics.
Focusing function will still be there, light measuring only stop down method.
Despite that I strongly recommend this lens for larger items.

The 100 mm is virtually free from distortion and has exceptional resolution.
This lens was designed on request for NASA.
Many well known shots from the earth were made with this 100 mm lens.

Do not forget even C series can be used with the adapter.
A clean, serviced 120 S-Planar can be picked up around 250-350 euro.
For Makro even better than the Makro-Planar.
Despite only F 5.6 another exceptional lens to consider.

Despite the 80 mm and the 100 mm are both Planars the difference in quality is quite obvious.
Your observation that the 80 mm does not have the excellence one might expect is correct.


Do you not want to use HC lenses or do you have other lenses that you want to use on your H?

As far as HC lenses go, iIf you're photographing art and it's safe to assume you can get as close or as far as you'd like, the HC120 is a nice lens and would probably be all you need. You may do well with the HC50-110 zoom, also a great lens.

Good luck!

Kind regards,