Old horses competition



Hasselblad suggested that the CFV back fitt to old horses. To illustrate this they show modified 500CM. They remove the black skin to put colored skin.

I think the idea is interesting and funny. Years ago it was possible to buy new 503CW body with yellow / blue / red skin. And a beautyfull gold 2000FCM with blue skin was for sale...perhaps not practical to work outside.

BTW now it's possible to buy new skin for mobilephone or laptop.

I susspect that nobody here has modified his beloved gear, but with "photoshop" it should be interesting to see what may be possible to show.

Personaly I would like to use one of my 5 hasselblad bodies to try something and I would like to integrate the hood and lens ring.

Is it possible to find white skin to paint on it ? Or strong photographic paper to glue on metal ?