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I have had a brief look at the Hasselblad video on Phocus. (wish the narrator would speak a bit more quickly... <S>)

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What are people thinking about this product? Is it simply a better FlexColor?

Or is Phocus going to replace the role played by other photo management tools for the Hasselblad user? Replace PhotoShop? Replace Aperture / Lightroom / Bridge?

Can I use Phocus to manage my 10,000+ archive of TIF images?

Will it handle other image types? (TIF, JPEG)?



New Member
Well, i am very curious about Phocus also. I am not sure about its capabilities regarding the managment of the pictures (keywords, collections,...).
I guess it is not aimed to replace Photoshop - but maybe Aperture/Lightroom. But this is only possible if you shoot exclusively with Hassi since it does not support any other RAW format. I hope it is able to handle TIF/JPG also - which would make perfect sense.

Beside all that i would suggest to give Phocus an award for the mos anticipated, most advertised and most not appearing product ever. ;)

Greetings Andy


From what I have seen so far , PHOCUS seems to be an improved FLEXCOLOR with a design and abilities , like LIGHTROOM . I am very much looking forward to download PHOCUS .


New Member
I have downloaded Phocus beta...It requires a lot of computer "horsepower" and unlike FlexColor and CS3, it needs a fast graphics card. I am running it on a quad core Mac Pro with 8 GB RAM and GeForce 7300 GT. Phocus runs sloooooow with this set up. I am going to upgrade the graphic card and see if there is improved performance.



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Do not ask about performance on my good ol' Mac - i have just a G4 1 GHz iMac with way to less memory....
It is time to upgrade..... ;)