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Prism Viewfinder


New Member
Good day all.... Can someone give me an idea on what is a fair price to pay for a used, non-metering prism finder for my 500 C/M?


New Member
The least expensive and most practical solution to this request is to find a Kiev 88 prism in good condition. (probably on Ebay). They are well built,fit perfectly and are a solid performer optically. Can get from $50 to 80. I bought mine for $65 dollars and find it more than adequate for my needs on both my Hassy bodies.


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I would buy the Kiev Spot TTL prism as well (US$ 90) from
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if you live in USA or through ebay from Ukraine directly if you are from Europe.
I have a spare one left, though, as I moved to Rollei. Please note, Prisms add some weight to the camera. Calibration is easy. I would NEVER buy one w/o TTL.
--Rainer from Zurich


New Member
re: prism for the 500 c/m. go to
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. they have a wide selection of used hasselblad equipment. 30 return - no questions. i have bought frequently from them and returned things as well. their site ought to give you a clue.


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> Thanks, Ruben.. MOF, I'm in Canada, making your estimates ~ 125.00-325.00 for me. (I thought 595.00 was a bit high,,lol,,,)


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> I checked out KEH, Richard,,, was pretty impressed! Don't know if my C/C could take it.. LOL... I'm kinda' intrigued re: this Kiev angle, tho.....


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Hi there,
I have the chance to buy a used PM5 prism viewfinder for my 500 C/M. Does anyone know whether the viewfinder enlarges the image as does the loupe in the normal viewfinder? This would be a very handy feature...


Active Member
As for the Kiev prisms, I currently have one on loan. This is a metered-one, not that it currently has a battery installed :)

But I am not thrilled I have to say. What irritates me most is the fact that the corners of the image are very hard to see, at least not without moving one's eye back and forth.

I wonder if the 45degr Hasselblad prisms suffer from the same issue? Opinions welcomed.



New Member
I buyed a TTL KIEV SPOT (by ebay) but the little manual is only in Russian alphabet. Someone can help me? There is somewhere an english traduction?

Danilo Janno