Purchasing a HTS 1.5 how does it affect the lens?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by videofame, Oct 29, 2010.

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    I want to make sure I select the right lens for the right job. So I need to make sure i understand the correct method to know the ending 35mm camera equivalent of a lens, back and accesory feature.

    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}I read that the (35mm equivalent) conversion factor for the H4D 60MB back is 0.65 x HC lens size in mm
    For example a HC 28mm lens would be = 0.65 x 28 = 18.2mm

    Then I read that the (35mm equivalent) conversion factor for the HTS 1.5 is 1.5 x the HC lens size in mm (adjusted for back size)

    The question is:

    Is it true that a HC 28mm lens on a H4D-60 with HTS 1.5 attached would be equivalent to a = 0.65 x 28 x 1.5 = 27.3mm (35mm equivalent)?

    douglas call

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