Question regarding ultra wide angle lenses and polarizing filters


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I’m an amateur landscape photographer- due to having kids we are rarely ever able to be out in the mountains during the golden hours for best lighting. As my only alternative I use a polarizing filter when taking shots in these locations during the day with often decent results.

I am now considering getting a Nikon 10-20mm lens for wide angle shots, but I know it’s not advised to use polarizers on them due to the uneven effects you can get in the sky. So my question to you is, what do you do when shooting with a lens like this in bright conditions? Do you still use a polarizer but turn it to a point where the effect isn’t as strong, or do you go without and just do what you can with the image in post processing?

Vieri Bottazzini

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Hello there,

with such a wide-angle, I would not use a polariser on a blue sky. Due to the angle of coverage, it will be impossible to avoid the dark patch to appear somewhere. On a cloudy day, on the other hand, and i.e. with water in the scene for which you'd need one, a polariser would be perfectly fine. Hope this helps, best regards