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Should I get a lens filter, or just stack in photshop?


New Member
So I am new to photography and I am wondering if I should get a lens filter or if stacking in Photoshop will be good enough as long as I take 2 different exposures. Like I said, I am fairly new to this and I would love to get sunset and sunrise photos, but unsure if a lens filter is pratical right now. If stacking is possible I would rather do that, just to save money. If so could anyone suggest a lens filter kit that's not expensive? I have a Sony a6000 with the kit lens, but will mostly use the Rokinon 12mm f2.0 for landscape photography

Vieri Bottazzini

New Member

there are merits in both techniques. I always use a Grad ND filter, because is faster to do that than it is to merge images in Photoshop, and because it works great with any subject, while merging can create problems with moving things. Merging works great for scenes where the separation between darker & brighter areas is not so straight, making the use of a filter more difficult (and more evident). Hope this helps, best regards