Shutter released mirrow advancing knob locked in place


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Hi I recently had some problems with my hassy. I could not get the lens on but I have managed to do so. Then I fired it and the mirrow has locked up and I can not remove the lens and the darkslide will only go in half way. Has this ever happend to anyone. Thanks.


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Have you tried winding the crank/knob? (Obvious question as the body/lens need to be cocked for you to remove the lens.) You should be able to insert the darkslide all the way unless there is a problem with the back or the body/back interlock system or even the slide itself-make sure it is not bent. I would personally recommend taking it in to an authorized repair shop (if there is one near you), since it is hard for me to tell what is wrong in this case, if you can not get the darkslide in to remove the back.