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Slow shutter speed user error?


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I got a Hassalblad 500c over the summer and have been using it for hand held work - like portraits and fashion.

Today was the first time i used it on a tripod and i think i may have messed up about five rolls of film.

Most (if not all) the photos were shot at around 1 second and it suddenly dawned on me after i took them that if i took my finger off the shutter release while the shutter was still open the secondary cloth shutter would close.

Please tell my I'm wrong i thinking this.





When working from a tripod , a good proceedure would be as follows .
Use a cable release , operate the mirror lockup button and release the shutter . Now , before doing anything else , wait for the shutter operation to finish . You can easly hear that .



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Hi Pete,

You are right in assuming that using the slower shutter speeds requires you to to "hold" the release long enough. Immediately letting go of the release button will result in the auxiliary shutter closing before the main shutter "is done". Which is bad of course. I simply trained myself to hold the release button for (say) 5 seconds regardless of shutter speed selected. That works like charm for me.


NB: the auxiliary shutter is not cloth, it has 2 metal doors.


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If you were using 1 second at the lens and released the shutter knob on the body immediately after tripping the lens shutter your exposures will have been around 1/4 to 1/8 of a second.

Hasselblad advises to hold the release button longer for any speeds longer than 1/15 of a second.

Like Jürgen said pre release the mirror, use a cable release to avoid disturbing the camera for any speeds slower than 1/15 of a second.

A bit soiled but still valid:


35 year old owners manual for C lens.


Still goes, as the auxilary shutter has not changed.



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