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'Starting Up' problem

I have a problem with 'Starting Up' message. It will not go away, whether trying to shoot tethered or to a card.

H2 body with ixpress CFH back; latest 4.5.8 software/firmware update; macbook pro 10.4.11; I have removed the battery and put it back; I have removed the Imacon back and put it back. There is a vertical band about 3/4 inch wide showing on the LCD screen in various shades of grey. The red light on the back stays on even when I switch off the camera. It will only go off if I remove the battery.

Is this something I can fix, or is it more serious? Help please!! I have a shoot first thing tomorrow!

Philip Castleton


Active Member
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Have you tried different grip batteries?

Check and clean the battery contacts.

Remove everything including the lens and viewfinder and wait a bit before reassembly.

Hook up the camera to a tower computer (not a laptop) via Firewire to see if it starts up.

Did the back work before the software/firmware upgrade ... and then not work after? If so, reinstall the previous Flexcolor software and hook the back up to the computer via firewire and let it reinstall the older firmware so you can do your job tomorrow, and figure it all out after the job is done.


New Member

Guess this isn't in time for your shoot....but...

I would install an older version of Flexcolor, connect your CFH/H2, allow the firmware to downgrade, then install the current version of Flexcolor and allow your firmware to upgrade.

Let us know how it goes.

Steve Hendrix