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Strobe connection How are people doing it



I wasn't sure which section to post this in..

I have older 80mm and 150mm C lenses that I want to be able to use my studio strobes with.

I use a quantum radio slave set that has a hot shoe connection and/or a PC connection.

On my Minolta equipment I simply use the hot shoe and fire away.

But now that I have to use the PC cord, where do I place the control unit?
I have a flash grip for the hasselblad, but then the PC cord seems to get in the way of the focus..

I guess I am looking to see how other people use the camera with their strobes.


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> There is a shoe connector that will attach to the Hasselblad > accessory rail on the side of the camera. Also one that attaches to > the lip of the lens shade.


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I mostly use finders with a flash shoe on top. I place a Pocket Wizard there and run a PC cord to the Lens. This cord stays on top of the lens and doesn't interfere with focussing, which I do from the bottom area of the lens.

If you are using the waist level finder, then the small rail on the side of the camera must be fitted with the accessory shoe mentioned above. The difficulty then is in using senders like the Pocket Wizard because they stick out from the side and are vulnerable. A solution to that is the newer, very small digital senders which don't protrude as much. However, they are more limited in distance than the Pocket Wizards.

In any case you are still faced with a PC cord running to the lens.

I would look closely at your present set-up and see if you can configure it so it doesn't interfere with focusing.


I use quantum radio slaves, which don't stick out as far as the Pocket Wizard..

I found a cheap lens shade cold shoe.. But I don't own any lens shades (yet)

I haven't seen a decent priced cold shoe for the side of the camera..

I do have a flash bracket, but I don't like to use it with the waistlevel finder.


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From what you wrote earlier the CFV manual suggests to connect the strobe to the CFV unit as opposed to the PS socket of the lens.

The only reason I can think of to do that is to synchronise the strobe exactly to the moment the CFV is triggered.
That will give an advantage over the connection to the lens as the CFV only needs a fraction of the time to be exposed if compared to the shutter of the lens.

For the time being without more information about connections to the CFV back I would simply use the PC option from the lens.
Any advantage gained from connecting the strobe to the CFV back will be confirmed later.


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I have a CFV set up with elincrom 500's and Bowens Asymetric pack, we just put the sync in the lens and this works fine. If you are having problems it may be the delay time of the CFV in the menu settings, which is mentioned in the guide pdf. We have never had a problem with this though, best wishes, Carl