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SWC Viewfinder mask for CFV


The older style SWC had a viewfinder mask available for super slides. This mask cuts down the field of view of the SWC to almost precisely that of the CFV. I've just bought a new one off eBay.

This has now replaced my hand drawn sharpie pen masking and will improve my street cred' as well as my framing accuracy. :)

Here's the number of the item.

Hasselblad SWC Viewfinder mask 16S--#42056



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  • 16Smask.jpg
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That is a very good idea . Unfortunately the mask does not fit the finder of the 903SWC and 905SWC .

Therefore I opened the viewer of my 905SWC and marked the frontglas from the inside with a red water resistant marker pen .
When I use the SWC groundglas adapter , I take the 4x4 square on the grid as orientation .
Both methods , of course , are not perfect , but they help a lot .


New Member
That explains the sudden rise in prices for these 16S masks.
I have seen new ones advertised for 300 euro.

An item that you could not give away a few years ago starts a new life thanks to digital sensors. Amazing.